Why ‘Love Autistic’?

Four reasons:

Love (when you’re) Autistic: Love, as experienced when you are autistic. Our definition of ‘love’ here is very very broad – we do want to talk about love, but also about sex, and sexuality, and gender, and friendship and self-care and a lot of things under that umbrella. But the blog’s inspiration came from the special mystery that is finding love, so “love” is the title.

Love (an) Autistic (person): Do you love an autistic person? Are you autistic yourself? If so, we would love to hear your joint story. Note: that does not mean it has to be jointly written – we just want to make sure where possible that people’s experiences are not publicised without their consent.

If you are NT (neurotypical, in this context meaning not autistic) you are welcome too. However please note this blog has been started to counteract a plethora of hurtful and patronizing narratives from NTs about their autistic partners, family and patients. For this reason, on this blog, we prioritise the autistic experience, and so we would only want to hear about your experience of a relationship with an autistic person with that person’s consent, and in a context that gives them respect and dignity even if the story is not a happy one.

Love Autistic (stories): We love stories of autism experience, please share them.

Love Autistic (people): We are autistic people writing for autistic people. We know that the topics this blog aspires to cover are very hard to talk about at the best of times, and we are not in the best of times. We are in a sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and ableist world, with pressure and aggravation from many directions. But in this place you are free to be yourself, and we hope you will feel loved.

Published by loveautistic

A collaborative blog about love, romance, sex, sexuality, gender, relationships, and selfhood as experienced when you are autistic.

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